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A Queen of Guilded Horns

When asked by Penguin Teen to describe her fantasy duology in just five words, author Amanda Joy says, “Black Girl Magick, family, deadly combat, and Baccha.” In this sequel to A River of Royal Blood, Eva and Issa are two princesses on the run, and the fate of the Queendom of Myre hangs in the balance.

The Shadow War

This is not your typical piece of historical fiction. Set in 1942, 18-year-old Liam thinks he knows a way to defeat the Nazis, and it involves a parallel universe. Joined by four other teens, each of them part of the novel's refreshingly diverse world, they partake in a fantastical fight for justice. The Shadow War is an “action-packed historical novel with a science fiction twist.”

A deadly pandemic sweeps the globe. Sound familiar? But this pandemic — the Fly Flu — leaves very few survivors. They seek each other out in post-apocalyptic New England, and what they find is life’s most enduring truths — hope, love, beauty, and resilience. This is New York Times-bestselling author David Arnold’s fourth, and most ambitious, novel.

11 Paper Hearts

Eleven mysterious paper hearts from a secret admirer — that’s what it takes to help Ella remember life before the Valentine’s Day car accident that wiped her memory. One reviewer calls this contemporary YA rom-com “a joy to read … a mystery without being scary.”

Jessica Jung’s debut novel centers on Rachel Kim, a Korean-American teenager whose family has moved from New York to Seoul so that she can pursue her dream of becoming a K-pop star. Splitting her days as a trainee and high school student, she faces the ups-and-downs of teenage life with the ramifications of romance and rivalry amplified when corporate company decisions can affect her life, and that of her family.

The Girl Who Was Convinced Beyond All

a homeless girl named Eggs has the power to fly. In a gritty unnamed city, Eggs flits across city rooftops, encounters a wild cast of characters and must navigate her own survival when a neighbourhood bully targets her for revenge. The Girl Who Was Convinced Beyond All Reason That She Could Fly is an otherworldly look at the power of hope and resilience.

My Hero Is You

Follow the link to download a free copy.

Where I End and You Begin

Two sworn enemies suddenly switch bodies in this witty and heartfelt novel of romantic relationships, gender identity, and the joy of being yourself.

Dreaming In Colour

In Dreaming in Color, 14-year-old Jen is an Indigenous teen who dreams of being an artist. Jen shares her Cree mother's brown skin, while her brother takes after their lighter-skinned Irish father and grapples with feelings of not fitting in. When Jen is accepted into a prestigious arts high school, she faces anti-Indigenous racism and has to make the choice to stand up and prove she belongs.

A Wrinkle in Time

A Wrinkle in Time is an iconic novel that continues to inspire millions of fans around the world.

This Book Will Help You Change The World

Protest injustice. Campaign for change. Vote for your future. Political turmoil, shocks and upsets have rocked the world in the past few years, and it has never been more important to find your voice and stand up for what you believe in. From award-winning journalist Sue Turton, with hilarious illustrations from activist illustrator Alice Skinner

My Side Of The Diamond

An extraordinary tale about the search for love from the acclaimed Costa and Carnegie Award winning novelist Sally Gardner. Jazmin has been shunned ever since her best friend Becky disappeared. But Becky didn't just disappear - she jumped off a tall building and seemingly never reached the ground. It was as if she simply vanished into thin air. Did Jazmin have something to do with her disappearance?

The Unpredictability Of Being Human

If 14-year-old Malin was God for a day,she wouldn't change much. Dad would still yell; her brother Sigve would still get in trouble, and Mom would still think wine is good for the heart. She'd still be friends with Hanna, even if they met shoplifting. Because stuff's okay, mostly. And if He could fix the world, wouldn't God have done it already? Darkly comic, striking and compassionate, told through the eyes of a unique teenage girl.

Together At Midnight

Combining the emotional deftness of Sarah Dessen with the magical spark of New York City in wintertime, this affecting novel will inspire listeners to pay closer attention to the world around them. What does it really mean to be kind...and why does it sometimes feel like the hardest thing in the world to do?

Lonely Hearts Hotel

Set in Montreal and New York between the wars, a spellbinding story about two orphans whose unusual magnetism and talent allow them to imagine a sensational future, from the bestselling, two-time Scotiabank Giller Prize-shortlisted author.


Brother is filled with moments of swagger and bravery, of recklessness and love that sparks against the dull pain of tragedy, which is foretold in elegiac descriptions of the landscape.

I Have Lost My Way

Told over the course of a single day from three different perspectives, Gayle Forman’s newest novel about the power of friendship and being true to who you are is filled with the elegant prose that her fans have come to know and love.

Turtles All The Way Down

Sixteen-year-old Aza never intended to pursue the mystery of fugitive billionaire Russell Pickett, but there’s a hundred-thousand-dollar reward at stake and her Best and Most Fearless Friend, Daisy, is eager to investigate. So together, they navigate the short distance and broad divides that separate them from Russell Pickett’s son, Davis.

Dear Bully 70 Authors Tell Their Stories

70 stories on bullying, told from the perspectives of victims, bullies themselves and bystanders. The book also includes resources for teens, parents and teachers.

Boy Meets Boy

Paul is a sophomore at a high school like no other: the cheerleaders ride Harleys and the homecoming queen used to be a guy named Daryl. When Paul meets Noah, he thinks he's found the one his heart is made for --- until he blows it. This is a meaningful romantic comedy about finding love, losing love and doing what it takes to get love back in a crazywonderful world.

Born Confused

Dimple doesn't know what to think. Her parents are from India, and she's spent years rebelling against their customs. Now everything from India is suddenly hip --- even her best friend Gwyn has a bindi dot as an accessory. To make matters worse, Dimple's parents are trying to set her up with a "suitable boy." Their first meeting is a disaster --- the boy is way too soft-spoken. But then she bumps into the boy again at a club --- where he's the DJ.

Radio Silence Listen your own voice.

Frances has always been a study machine with one goal, elite university. Nothing will stand in her way; not friends, not a guilty secret – not even the person she is on the inside. But when Frances meets Aled, the shy genius behind her favourite podcast, she discovers a new freedom. He unlocks the door to Real Frances and for the first time she experiences true friendship, unafraid to be herself.

When Everything Feels Like The Movies

This is an important novel, about what can happen when you inspire hatred because you don't fit into any supposed 'normal' category. The book deals with hate, homophobia, celebrity and the aching loneliness of modern life for some teenagers.

Anna And The Swallow Man

The story begins in 1939 when Anna’s father, a university professor from Krakow, is taken by the Germans, and the destitute Anna is adopted by the Swallow Man – a nameless fugitive who can entice birds from the trees, and who becomes her companion as they spend the war drifting across the country on foot.

The Journey

This beautifully illustrated book explores the unimaginable decisions made as a family leave their home and everything they know to escape the turmoil and tragedy brought by war.

Ada Twist, Scientist

A story about the power of curiosity in the hands of a child who is on a mission to use science to understand her world.

A Child Of Books

A little girl sails her raft across a sea of words, arriving at the house of a small boy and calling him away on an adventure. Through forests of fairy tales and across mountains of make-believe, the two travel together on a fantastical journey.

Moth Girls

Anne Cassidy's thriller about what happens in the aftermath of the mystery disappearance of two teenagers, Petra and Tina, who are dubbed the Moth Girls.

Being Jazz My Life as a (Transgender) Teen

At the age of five, Jazz Jennings transitioned to life as a girl with the support of her parents. A year later, her parents allowed her to share her incredible journey in her first Barbara Walters interview. In this memoir, Jazz reflects on these very public experiences and how they have helped shape the mainstream attitude toward the transgender community. Jazz has faced many challenges, yet she perseveres as she educates others about her life as a transgender teen.

Junior Genius Guide - Outer Space

With this book about space you’ll become an expert and wow your friends and teachers with out-of-this-world facts: Did you know that Mars has a volcano bigger than the state of Arizona? Or that there’s a star with a diamond the size of our moon at its core? With great illustrations, cool trivia, and fun quizzes to test your knowledge, this guide will have you on your way to whiz-kid status in no time!

The Feelings Book

This invaluable companion to The Care & Keeping of You received its own fresh update! The Feelings Book will help you understand your emotions, and deal with them in positive ways. You'll get tips on how to express your feelings and stay in control, plus get sensitive advice on handling fear, anxiety, jealousy, and grief. Learn how to stay in the driver's seat of your own emotions!

The Master Magician

The Paper Magician Series Book 3 Throughout her studies, Ceony Twill has harbored a secret, one she’s kept from even her mentor, Emery Thane. She’s discovered how to practice forms of magic other than her own—an ability long thought impossible.

James And The Giant Peach

After James Henry Trotter's parents are tragically eaten by a rhinoceros, he goes to live with his two horrible aunts, Spiker and Sponge. Life there is no fun until James accidentally drops some magic crystals by the old peach tree and strange things start to happen.

Love Song

Sophia Bennett's novel deals with identity and teenage love ("relationships in our school were like a complicated maths question") and what it's like to suddenly get the chance to be in the inner circle of fame.

How To Look For A Lost Dog

11-year-old Rose is autistic and struggles to understand her classmates. But when her father gives her a stray dog, which she names Rain, the dog becomes her best friend, her anchor in a confusing world.

Secret Coders

A wildly entertaining new series that combines logic puzzles and basic programming instruction with a page-turning mystery plot!

The American Boy's Handy Book

Includes instructions for making kites, fishing poles, a blow gun, boats, and theatrical costumes, and for raising dogs, stuffing animals, stocking an aquarium, and camping.

The Art Of Being Normal

The Art of Being Normal is a powerful tale of a transgender teenager's struggle with identity.

Born Beautiful:

The African American Teenager's Complete Beauty Guide Finally, a beauty book that addresses the unique needs of black teens.

Head-to-Toe Guide To You

The essential guide to growing up for girls!​ A must-have book for any girl that's looking for straightforward advice about her body.

The Boy's Body Guide:

A Health and Hygiene Book The bestselling health and hygiene guide for boys 8 and older updated with a brand-new look.

13 Books Kids Should Read...

...Before Turning 13​ With so many books to choose from, it can be tough to find the best of the best. Here are 13 books Parent & Child Magazine think every kid should read before age 13.

The Baby-Sitters Club

Kristy and her friends all love taking care of kids, so starting a club is clearly a fantastic idea! They'll have fun and make money--but no one counted on prank calls, wild toddlers, and out-of-control pets. The BSC is proving to be hard work, but as long as they stick together, Kristy is sure they can make it great!